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Creating Simple Email Parser By Zapier

Setting Simple Email Parsing within Zapier and Slack

Email parser by Zapier can be helpful in setting up notifications about the status of tasks. Let’s say, the process involves multiple stakeholders and you want to notify them on time. For example, you may want to monitor the delivery of important documents to the client.

Zapier to Slack push notification
Status update notifications can be sent through direct messages and in public or private channels on Slack.

Setting Zapier parser

Automation can be achieved by parsing email notifications using services like Zapier, Email Parser By Zapier, and Slack. You can set up notifications for any process that sends a status update via email, such as subscription update reminders, error messages, requests from services, etc.

For instance, you can set up automation with notifications from a delivery service:

1. Register in Email Parser by Zapier, which is a free service.

2. Create a mailbox in Email Parser by Zapier and provide an email from the delivery service for parsing. In addition, there is a helpful instruction on the parser’s website.

3. In the parsed email, highlight the keywords like delivery status, delivery number, sender, and recipient – this is the information that you will add to the message for Slack.

4. Sign in to your Zapier account (or register there, which is also free).

5. Create automation in Zapier by clicking Create Zap and selecting Email Parser by Zapier as the Trigger in the Step #1, then selecting New Email as the Event. There is an instruction available on how to do this.

Setting email parser by Zapier

6. Once you have completed all the steps and tested your connection to the mailbox, you can create the next step in the automation of your email parser by Zapier. Therefore, in the Action, select the Slack application, and in the Event, select Send Private Channel Message. This will send notifications to a private Slack channel.

Setting email parser by Zapier

7. In the Step #2, connect your Slack account and fill in the following fields:

Channel: the Slack channel where the notification should be sent,
Message Text: the notification text,
Bot Name: the name of the bot, let’s call it "DeliveryBot".

Setting private channel messages from zapier to slack

8. Publish and enable your automation in Zapier. You’re all set!

Why this parser is useful?

You can customize email parser by Zapier to fit any business process, ensuring that your employees won’t miss important notifications. As a result, you will increase your effectiveness with a simple, no-code solution.

If you need any help in automating your workflow, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be glad to assist you.

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