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Whether you’re looking to build from the scratch or upgrade an existing solution, no job is too big for our Eastern European coders and PMs

Our Works


an Award-winning Biomedical Visualization and Animation Website


Development of the frontend and backend of the web platform for scientific visualization based on provided design.


Created JavaScript animation of the site that works on any device, scaling over images, dragging and rotating 360 degrees around objects. All of these animations work without flash. The site content is geo-dependent. It uses special software that stylizes dangling punctuation marks.


Website traffic increased by 23% within 3 months after the launch.


a SaaS solution that provides location business intelligence for smarter and faster decisions in retail


Creation and development of a GIS service for a retail grocery chain.


Developed a B2B SaaS solution that provides Location Intelligence to maximize POS turnover. The backend with the relational database was integrated with a robust and powerful frontend with more than 20 different polygons and other robust visualisations. 

We added the possibility of forecasting the monthly revenues, taking into account the seasonality and closing/opening of competitor’s stores. 

In addition to the visualisations, we implemented the logic of revenue prediction using two methods: Classic Geo-Marketing and Machine Learning.


A large chain retailer grew from 604 to 1033 points of sales with the help of the solution.

ulyana sergeenko Fashion House

A luxury fashion brand that specializes in women's clothing


UI/UX redesign of the online store to improve navigation and reduce bounce rate.


We simplified the main menu and added only three sections: Internet shop, Couture, and Exotic leather. The text was reduced on the product page and only relevant features were added to make the site sleek, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.


A simple design that emphasizes the luxury brand and its uniqueness without distracting from the purchase. An intuitive interface allows users to quickly find their desired product. The bounce rate according to Google Analytics decreased from 18% to 7%.


a fake SMTP server with intuitive UI for testing emails in applications


Allowing developers to test mailings of applications without running a real mail server.


DebugMail helps to create a virtual SMTP server and test mailings of your project. You can set any kind of recipient’s and sender’s addresses and the service simulates an email exchange. It supports teamwork, which means you can work on your website’s mailing settings with fellow developers simultaneously.


The service is used by developers from notable companies such as Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Disney, IKEA, Atlassian, PWC, DELL, SAP, and Deloitte.


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