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Simple And Robust HR Processes Automation For Your Organisation​

Simple and Robust HR Processes Automation For Your Organisation

At WBT-Global, we have over 10 years of non-stop experience in recruiting, onboarding, and team management. We've compiled our best practices to help you automate routine tasks and enhance your team's efficiency.

100% No code, Budget-friendly, fast implementation, Easy to Use and support

Custom Tools Integrates with Your Infrastructure​​
Custom Tools Integrates with Your Infrastructure​

Managing recruitment processes across multiple platforms can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Our solution offers seamless integration through an API, eliminating the need to switch between different screens like CRM, ATS, assessment and scoring tools, or job websites. As a result, HR professionals do not waste valuable time on repetitive and manual tasks.

Slack Chatbot as Your HR Assistant​​
Slack Chatbot as Your HR Assistant​

Integrating a Slack chatbot into your HR workflow can significantly reduce the time your team spends on routine tasks. The chatbot provides real-time notifications and updates on important recruitment tasks: a candidate submits an application, conducts assessments, schedules interviews, accepts a job offer and many others.

Web to ATS Data Extraction​​
Web to ATS Data Extraction​

We use a no-code browser plug-In as a tool to automate the process of gathering candidates data from various online sources. Additionally, we integrate the plug in with other tools of your eco-system, such as ATS, CRM, and others. This seamless transfer of candidate’s data allows to safe a lot of recruiters time, improving the efficiency and accuracy of a recruitment process.

Customised Onboarding and Training Workflow​​
Customised Onboarding and Training Workflow​

Onboarding automation allows you to create workflows that automatically deliver essential forms, documentation, and training resources to new hires. Our effective approach involves creating a dedicated no-code onboarding Slack bot, which can introduce new employees to the team and provide them with important training materials.

No need to subscribe to expensive enterprise software or hire developers.

Explore our HR automation solutions now and take the first step towards a more efficient and effective hiring process

Your Recruiting Automation

Integration with your infrastructure: ATS, CRM, assessment and scoring tools, document treatment, and signing solutions

Resume Parsing with no-code browser plugin by Zapier automates the process of extracting information from web resumes to your ATS or CRM in one click.

Multi-channel automation of incoming applications from a website, email, or even social medias helps HR gather and organize candidate data in a centralized location. Also, it making easier to track applicants and analyse data.

Integration with assessment and scoring services allows HR effectively track the progress of the whole evaluation process, as well as, get notified about status updates, results and many more.

Slack chatbots can notify candidates and HRs with important updates about hiring process statuses and other information, freeing up HR professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Online contract signing solutions (like SignNow and others) allow sign and approve documents electronically. As a result, it can significantly speed up the time by providing pre-filled contracts, managing the job offers, collecting signatures on important forms.

It's important to note that the examples of automations we mention here are just the tip of the iceberg. Our no-code specialists can implement each of our tools into your existing HR processes, either separately or as part of a seamless automation solution.

Your Onboarding Automation​

Onboard and Offboard Your Employees In Fully Automated Way​

Employee Self-Service (ESS) portals allows to new employees to know relevant team-members and managers, update their contact information, and access necessary company information. We use Google Workspace with configured single sign-on (SSO) so all the information and access controls are centralised in one location.

Compliance management tools helping HR to follow all relevant laws and regulations during the onboarding process. As a result, HR do not need to remember all the important information, and always have access to employee files.

Learning Management Systems (LMS): an automation of Zapier and Slack for delivering of rules, regulations and allowing new employees to complete important training modules at their own pace. Accordingly, a hiring manager and other relevant team members receives notifications of the progress and statuses.

Slack chatbot as a communication tool to track and manage all tasks and statuses. With this feature, HR can receive notifications from all services in a dedicated Slack channel, where they also communicate with employees. Stay informed and on top of things with real-time updates.

Onboarding process

Off-boarding automation makes it easy to revoke an employee’s access to company systems and resources, such as email, company databases, and company-provided software. Zapier automation starts the process within a simple click.

If your workflow is unique, no problem! Our HR automation no-code / low-code tools are fully customisable and can meet any specific needs.

Contact us today for a customized offer and take the first step towards a more efficient and effective HR process. Do not wait to start your digital transformation journey right away.

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