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Integrations And Automations

Atlassian Jira Automation. Effective Jira Agile Workflow Practices, Implementation And Maintenance

Our professional Jira agile Architects are evangelising Atlassian values and ready to innovative your workflow as well as increase your team productivity. Leverage out-of-the-box tools to automate your work with minimal time and budget. Indeed, we love to share our experience.

Jira is a flagship product of Atlassian that provides a robust agile workflow and ticketing solution.

With Jira, you can track lists of daily tasks for development projects, as well as for business, agile digital, or classic projects. 

Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for a variety of organizations.

Confluence is more than just a Wiki, it is a collaborative tool that enables you to centralise knowledge in a single location.

Use Confluence for meeting notes, project documentation, knowledge bases, specification repositories, and reports.

It is a valuable resource for team collaboration and knowledge management.

Transform the way you support your customers with Jira Service Desk.

In WBT-Global we know how critical it is to establish trust with every customer interaction.

That’s why our team of experts will help you deliver exceptional customer experiences through our combination of best practices and technical expertise. 

Bitbucket is a big player in Git-based DVCS world that enables you to manage rights, pull requests, and smart commits in great detail.

It also allows you to use containers to manage your continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes.

We Create Digital Eco-Systems​

With a strong background in software product development, we have a proven track record of successfully integrating Atlassian products with other industry leaders. Our expertise in Atlassian APIs and webhooks allows us to efficiently streamline your business processes.

In addition to custom app development, we also offer integration with low-code/no-code platforms to help minimize time and budget constraints.

We Create Digital Eco-Systems​

We Offer A Complete Personalised Service, From Advice And Implementation To Support And Maintenance

Implementation & Configuration
Implementation & Configuration

Customise your Jira to meet the needs of your business. We will analyse your processes and identify key metrics. Accordingly, we’ll develop mechanisms to organise your workflows, integrations, tasks, and reports.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration

Smooth migration of your Jira to the cloud without disrupting your daily operations. We have experience transferring data between Jira and various systems, making the process as seamless as possible.

Consulting and Audit
Consulting and Audit

Our experts will advice on how Atlassian tools can maximise the value for your agile. We can evaluate existing processes and infrastructure to propose suitable solutions and clean up all the mess in your Jira.

Development and Integration
Development And Integration​

Integrating your Atlassian with any other service. We have experience with applications from the Atlassian Marketplace, as well as developing our own products. We also have a wealth of experience with robust low-code/no-code solutions.

Documentation & Training
Documentation & Training

We will prepare documentation with a detailed description of the processes, rules, and instructions. We also conduct training for your users and system administrators with future operative support in a business messenger.

Support & Maintenance
Support & Maintenance

Providing consultancy and technical support for your Atlassian products. Depending on your needs we can offer different packages, like regular upgrades, check-up of your system, or on-going support.

All-Round Audit​

We audit your Atlassian setup to evaluate its overall state. Accordingly, we target following entities to detect and eliminate bottlenecks:

  • Permissions Schemes / Issue Security / Security Level
  • Projects / Project Templates / Boards / Board Types
  • Sprint / Backlog
  • Issue Types (Standard / Sub-tasks)
  • Custom Filters (JQL)
  • Real time reporting / performance dashboards
  • Customisable Workflows / Statuses
  • Fields / Screens / Custom Field
  • Estimates vs. work log (per Project/Task/Person)
  • Roadmap Standard / Premium (Advanced)

Setup, configuration, and implementation

We use best Jira Agile practices to set configuration according your business needs. We execute the following steps to automate processes of various complexity:

  • Collecting requirements
  • Installation and integration of the necessary tools
  • Integration the Atlassian products with the rest of your infrastructure
  • Testing and detailed documentation of all the settings and refinements before acceptance

Development And Jira Integration With Other Systems​

Development of custom add-ons and integrations for Atlassian products according your exact requirements:

  • Notifications
  • Integration / Apps
  • Jira API / Webhooks

We are no code evangelists and using no code tools to create powerful and robust automations of Atlassian environment with your CRM, Slack, and other using Zapier or Make (ex Integromat). Check our our no code Jira use-cases directory. We will help you to automate your business ecosystem around Atlassian with minimal time and budget.

Maintenance, Support and Training

Keep your team focused on business initiatives while we take care of your day-to-day administration needs as well as regular system maintenance. Our plans are very flexible and start at 4 hours per month.

  • Ongoing administration and Support
  • Planned Migrations and Updates
  • Scaling and Performance Tuning

Accordingly, we deliver customised training to incorporate Atlassian values and best practices into your organisation’s day-to-day operations. Some examples of training sessions we can deliver:

  • Implemented solution coaching for end users and Atlassian administrators
  • Agile planning and execution with Jira Software

Blog and Case Studies

Join the future of software development with WBT-Global.

Discover how WBT-Global leverages innovative no code solutions and tools to tackle complex challenges and bring your zero code project ideas to life.

Frequent Issues Of Our Customers​

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information in Jira, it’s possible that your task organization and tracking system could benefit from some improvements. By establishing clear rules for working with tasks, you can ensure that all relevant information is saved and easily accessible in the future. This can help you review progress, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Our team of Atlassian experts can help you establish a system that works best for you and your team, so you can make the most of Jira’s powerful capabilities.

If your team is struggling to understand their responsibilities and find their tasks in Jira, it may be helpful to establish a system for organizing and tracking work. This could involve setting up sprints or kanban boards, depending on the needs of your project and team. Jira offers tools for creating self-filling task lists that are already linked to each team member’s account. This allows each employee to access their own personal task board, while the manager updates the tasks in the project. Our Atlassian experts can help you implement a customized task management system that will improve your team’s efficiency and productivity.

With so many different types of issues available in Jira, it’s understandable to be confused about how they differ. After analyzing your business processes, our Atlassian experts can help you identify the minimum number of issue types needed and link them to your workflow. This will increase transparency within your team and ensure that each employee knows how to work with a particular issue type. By establishing simple guidelines for working with issues, your team will be able to use Jira more effectively and efficiently


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