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Google Forms Prefill Within Zapier

Google Forms Prefill Within Zapier

How to create a Google Form prefill using Zapier?

Google Form prefilled refers to the act of filling out fields in forms or documents with necessary information before a user would see it. Thats to say, that the user does not need to manually enter the information themselves, but rather just needs to check that the pre-filled information is correct.

For example, at WBT-Global, we have automated the following process for our internship program. Firstly, candidates apply on our website using a simple web form. After, they receive an email with a link to a questionnaire with more fields, but some of the includes previous answers. The questionnaire is pre-filled with the information the candidate provided on the website application, so they don’t have to re-enter it. It is possible to automate such process through the configuration of Google Form and Zapier.

Google Forms Prefill

After filling out the application on the website, the candidate will receive a letter with a link to an expanded questionnaire. This questionnaire includes duplicate questions that have already been prefilled with information from the candidate’s application.

Integrating Zapier and Google Forms

Automation of this type can be useful in any process that involves the regular creation of standard documents where only certain details need to change. Accordingly, this automation can help reduce manual work and eliminate human errors. For example, entering wrong numbers and dates or other details.

To automate this workflow, you will need Zapier, Google Sheets, and Google Forms.

Let’s imagine you have a workflow where you receive some data from a website application to your Google Sheet table. After all, you need automatically prefill a Google Form with this data from the table.Google Forms Prefill

1. Log in to your Zapier account or register if you don’t have an account. It’s free.

2. Create an automation in Zapier (click Create Zap). Then, in the Step #1, select Google Sheets, and choose New Spreadsheet Row as the Event. Thus, the automation will trigger every time a new row appears in the table. After executing a Test trigger action, Zapier will assign a name to each column.

Google Forms Prefill

3. Next, you should send an email with a link to the form. At Step #2, select Gmail and in the EventSend Email.

For the To field, use the value from the Email column in the table,
Subject - specify the subject of the email,
Body Type — html,
Body — use Get pre-filled link to copy a link to the form and include it in the textbox.

Google Forms Prefill

4. Publish and enable your automation in Zapier. You’re all set!

How can you use pre-filled forms?

Zapier’s integration with Google Forms can fit many business process. Accordingly, it can take on a significant portion of your employees’ operational work and routine tasks. In fact, routine operations can consume up to 60% of working time. Thats to say, logging in to services, submitting information, and filling data.

‘A human being is not a machine. As a result, they are more willing to spend cognitive load on creative tasks. On the contrary, in data entry tasks, they are more likely to procrastinate. Therefore, it’s strange to assign routine tasks to people who are not motivated to do what should be done automatically. Thats to say, that the idea itself is already inefficient.’

Cyril Dubson, Founder of WBT-Global

Start automating your work processes using Zapier and Google Forms. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out. We have many ready-made solutions for different processes.

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