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Using Slack Push To Zapier For Customer Support

Using Slack Push To Zapier For Customer Support

In this article, we provide an example of using a Slack Push To Zapier function that helps to automate routine activities while using Slack for customer support.

When Using Slack For Customer Support

We offer support services to many of our clients. Usually we communicate through their corporate Slack channels and forwarding their requests to our own Slack.

To streamline this process, we have implemented automation that redirects requests to our Slack channel using the Push to Zapier option. This allows us to promptly process requests, as the message includes the “client ID” and the “name” of the employee who submitted the request.

Our simple bot helps save time and effort by automating routine tasks such as copying messages, switching between chats, creating tickets, and attaching screenshots.How to use Slack for customer support. Slack integration with Zapier example. Slack push to Zapier function with examples.

You can resend a message anywhere with two clicks.

This is how the message will appear in our Slack.
This is how the message will appear in our Slack.

Setting Up Slack Push To Zapier

Automation works with the help of Zapier and Slack:

1. Log in to your Zapier account (or register there for free).

2. Create automation in Zapier (click Create Zap), select Slack in the Step #1, and New Pushed Message as the Event.

3. For the Step #2, you should also select Slack and then Send Channel Message as an Event.

Channel — specify which channel the messages will be forwarded to,
Message Text — enter the message text,
Bot Name — for example, the name of the client's company.

Using Slack Push To Zapier For Customer Support

4. Publish and enable your automation in Zapier. You’re all set!

Why Push To Zapier Function Is Useful?

When using Slack for customer support, automation like Push to Zapier can take over almost all operational work and routine tasks that employees do not want to do. Routine operations can take up to 60% of working time – switching between accounts, submitting information, copying data, etc.

Start automating your work processes using bots, and if you need any help, please write to us. We have many ready-made solutions for different processes.

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